Because Your Crew & Guests Deserve The Best

Sevenstar Software is a powerful tool that makes creating the ultimate guest expierence ridiculously easy!

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How It Works

Watch the magic happen step by step ✨

  • 1

    Digital Forms

    Sevenstar's digital preference forms simplify onboarding for guests and crew. Collect preferences, dietary needs, allergies, documents and onboard new crew in no time!

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    Preference Profiles

    Sevenstar Software: the superhero of guest preferences! Customize onboard experiences by easily creating and editing guest profiles. Crew can fill out forms or send them to guests. Access everything from mobile, iPad, or desktop devices and print preferences as PDFs.

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  • 3

    Crew Onboarding & Directory

    Sevenstar streamlines onboarding for new crew members, eliminating manual collection of information like yacht documents, uniform sizes, dietary restrictions, and basic crew information. 

    Chief Stews will never forget the captains favorite snacks again!

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    Recipe Book

    Sevenstar simplifies browsing and searching for favorite drink and galley recipes. Attach recipes to specific guests to remember how they like their drinks. Keep track of inventory and provision lists with attached recipes to avoid running out of supplies.

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  • 5

    Track Inventory

    Ditch outdated Excel sheets for Sevenstar's Interior Specific Inventory. Easily access and update inventory from your phone, iPad, or desktop. Take pictures of items directly in the app, find items through filters or search bar. Quickly find out what low in stock or stow location in just a click.

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  • 6

    Automate Documents

    Automating guest lists and crew lists has never been easier than with Sevenstar! With just a click of a button, you can streamline the process and save time.

    Create custom wine menus based on inventory selections with ease. 

    Sevenstar helps you work smarter, not harder!

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    Crew Chat

    Never lose important information in a WhatsApp chat again with Sevenstar's chat feature! The app allows you to stay connected with your crew, receive instant updates, and easily share pictures and files directly.

    Plus, the up-like feature lets you show appreciation for your fellow crew members' messages. 

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