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Built For Busy Crew.

The first ever preference and provisiong app that help yacht crew create epic onboard experiences for guests!

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Ahoy, Sevenstar!

Say hello to the first ever Yacht Preferences app! Keep scrolling to see How It Works!

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A Simpler Way to Manage Your Yacht Preferences

Send digital preference forms, update preferences from any device, and print out gorgeous PDF profiles to truly understand your guests' wants. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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    Preference Forms for All Aboard

    Experience the future of preference forms with Sevenstar's innovative design. Our conditionally built forms guarantee an efficient, compact structure, ensuring that owners, charterers, guests, and crew can effortlessly convey their preferences.

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    Stay Up-to-Date and Access Preference Profiles Anywhere

    Sevenstar makes updating prefererences easy! Say goodbye to losing new preferences in WhatsApp text chains. Our intuitive search bar and well-organized categories make training new crew members a breeze and enable them to quickly find the information they need! 

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    Effortlessly Generate Printable PDFs

    Elevate your Stew Bibles with our PDF template feature! Easily generate polished, printable preference profiles with a single click. Ideal for tech-challenged chefs and sharing specific information without granting full app access!

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    Track Favorite Guest Recipes

    Capture and save guest recipes with ease, connect them to specific profiles and never forget a coffee order again. Our user-friendly search bar ensures quick recipe retrieval.

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    Track Preferences Visually

    Tracking preferences has never been easier with our Ship Setup feature. Snap pictures directly in the app. An invaluable tool for new crew to learn precisely how guests (and the Chief Stew) prefer things! 

Yacht Preferences, Simplified

  • Custom Forms

    Create customizable, branded forms for owners, guests, and crew to collect preference and provisioning requests with ease.
  • Guest Preferences

    Build detailed preference profiles for private and charter guests. Provide crew members with an easier way to create custom personalized experiences onboard.
  • Printable PDFs

    Effortlessly turn digital preference profiles into beautiful printable PDF documents with a single click.
  • Crew Onboarding

    Streamline crew onboarding with a simple self-service digital form. Collect information on allergies, uniforms, and basic preferences all in one go.
  • Recipe Book

    Keep track of favorite drinks and food recipes, and connect them to specific guests. Never forget a coffee order again.
  • Ship Setup

    Visualize ship setup with our in-app camera feature. Track everything from tablescapes to specific organization, service SOPs to housekeeping requests all in one place.

See What Yacht Crew Are Saying

Yacht crews deserve tools that simplify their work! Allow us to introduce you to a few crew members who are helping revolutionize the yachting industry!

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    Beata Wallin
    Head of Service, 84m M/Y
    As the Head of Service on an 84m M/Y, I can confidently say that Sevenstar has revolutionized our onboarding process. They effortlessly uploaded all our existing preferences and customized the app to fit our yacht's unique needs. It's been a total game changer for communication between Stews and Chefs!
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    Capt. Guy Mannering
    Captain, 50m M/Y

    Sevenstar has completely transformed our charter program. 

    Finally, we have a digitized database to replace our outdated system.

     I highly recommend it!


  • Whatsapp image 2023 03 12 at 9.40.40 am
    Saragh Virtue
    2nd Stewardess, 44m M/Y

    Sevenstar has become an essential part of our day-to-day systems. From guest preferences to crew onboarding, and boat setup, the app has significantly improved our work efficiency. 

    It has everything we need to create the best experience for both crew and guests!

We're Making Waves

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Preference Sheets For All

Handwritten preference forms exclusive to the main charter guest? That's a thing of the past! 

At Sevenstar, we know every person matters! Whether you're the yacht owner, a guest, a charterer, a pet, or part of the crew. Our simple dynamic forms ensure safety and a fun time for all!

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  • Calling all Estate Managers! We’re beta testing Sevenstar for Estates! 🎉 Early Adopters: Click Here.