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Ciara Farrow, Chief Stew/ Purser

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Hey there 👋

Frustrated with yacht preferences? ME TOO!

I'm Ciara, a former chief stewardess who is passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences onboard yachts. During my time onboard Private and Charter programs, I experienced firsthand how crucial guest preferences are to providing amazing hospitality. However, I also faced the frustrations of trying to keep preferences organized and up-to-date using outdated, disorganized notes, and inefficient systems like binders, WhatsApp groups, hand written preference sheets and emails.

I know that yacht owners and charterers find it time-consuming and frustrating to repeatedly relay their preferences to new crew members. And crew, I understand the challenges you face with outdated or missing preference sheets, surprise allergies and dietary restrictions, and the lack of a centralized location to update preferences. Wasted money and time on poor provisioning only adds to the exhaustion.

Realizing there had to be a better way, I decided to teach myself software development and build the digital preference management tool I wished I had as a chief stew. Sevenstar started as a personal project to make my own job easier, but as I shared it with other yacht crews, I discovered how widespread and painful this problem was across our industry.

My mission is to simplify the preference management process and arm yacht crew with the information they need to provide exceptional hospitality from day one. With Sevenstar, all guest details are consolidated in one searchable, cloud-based location that the whole team can access and update in real-time. No more chasing down outdated notes or relying on handwritten preference sheets.

But Sevenstar is about more than just preferences. It's about giving yacht crew the modern digital tools they deserve to focus on what they do best - creating unforgettable, 7-star experiences for their guests. Because in our industry, 5-star hospitality just doesn't cut it.

I hope you'll join me on this journey to transform the way we deliver yacht experiences and make life easier for the hardworking stewardesses, chefs, and crew who are the true heart of yachting.

Here's to transforming our yachting industry, one digital preference form at a time. 🪄

Happy Preferencing!

Ciara Farrow, Founder / Chief Stew, Purser

[email protected]

WA: + 1 754 249 9947

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